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There's something about Transmissions!

We currently have a customer vehicle, a 2006 Hummer H2 that needed to replace a transmission. Transmissions can be bit troublesome if not maintained correctly. Depending on your vehicle a transmission flush and filter changed should be conducted every 30,000-60,000 miles according to manufactures needs. Engine maintenance is one thing but people don’t realize that’s only part of a routine maintenance. Waiting too long could either hinder the engines performance or inherently cause more serious issues that would render the vehicle inert and leave you stranded. And that brings us to Leasing versus Buying. Leased vehicles are returned to a dealership and usually become a used vehicle for sale. Most likely that leased vehicle hasn’t done a transmission flush and filter change, and now that responsibility is left up to the new owner. Before ever purchasing a used vehicle ask for maintenance records and make sure all recommended and routine maintenance has been conducted. If you intend to buy and keep your vehicle for a long time make sure you get your transmission checked and flushed routinely.

Sal Soueid